Michael Eric Dyson And Don Lemon Tap Dance For Biden And His Merry Band Of White Progressives

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It’s always entertaining to see the same type of folks who call black conservatives “Uncle Toms” and “coons” exhibit the exact same behaviors they call out on the right. In a recent CNN broadcast, minister Michael Eric Dyson and host Don Lemon performed a full-on tap dance routine as they gushed over former Vice President Joe Biden for picking a black man for secretary of defense. 


Biden recently announced that he selected Gen. Lloyd Austin to be his secretary of defense. If confirmed, Austin will become the nation’s first black defense secretary. Lemon asked Dyson what he thought of the cabinet pick. 

Dyson responded: “Oh, it’s beautiful! Look, have you ever heard a president say before, I owe you?” Dyson responded. “I owe you a debt, you hooked me up, I’m hooking you up, I’ve never heard a president, I’ve studied presidential rhetoric.”

The minister continued, “I’ve studied presidents’ interactions with black America, I’ve never heard that, and so the attempt to follow up and to follow through by President-elect Joe Biden is worthy of note. And I think he’s been doing a very good job so far.”

But he wasn’t ready to remove his lips from Biden’s derriere just yet. Like the Energizer Bunny, he kept going. “You have to balance all the considerations of the competing interests that are vying for your time and representation,” Dyson explained. “But I think black people are well deserved, and this choice of Gen. Austin today is truly outstanding.”

Of course, no mention was made of Austin’s qualifications or his history in the military. Later in the segment, Dyson said that having Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on the highest court in the land didn’t count as actual minority representation ‘cuz he’s not a Democrat. 


Dyson and Lemon’s buckdancing act is the same that many black far-leftists do when white progressives throw them a bone. Biden’s willingness to appoint a black man to a cabinet position doesn’t make up for what Democrats have done — and are still doing — to the black community. 

The notion that Austin’s potential appointment somehow makes up for the crime bill that disproportionately targeted black men for punishment is ludicrous. It’s the type of idea that could only come from a black leftist who prefers to play Bojangles to Biden’s Shirley Temple. 

There is a distinct difference between black Democrats who are willing to criticize the Democratic Party and take its politicians to task and those who fawn over the white progressive leaders of the left no matter what they do. Dyson seems to fall into the latter category. 

On Twitter, even other black folks called him out for his pathetic display:


Unfortunately, if Biden takes office, we can expect more of this. While he does absolutely nothing for the black community, there will always be folks on the left who are willing to cover for him and pretend that he’s God’s gift to black America. 


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