Ilhan Omar Urges Biden to ‘Reverse’ President Trump’s Middle East Agreements

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Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) revealed her ignorance once again when she slammed President Trump’s foreign policy. While most Democrats and left-leaning media outlets largely ignore the president’s peace deals and other successes in the Middle East, Omar thought she would take a crack at it. 


On Friday, Omar posted a series of tweets lambasting the president for ironing out agreements that were supposedly not “peace deals” but arms deals. In her rant, she called on Biden to reverse these agreements if he becomes the next president. 

“[Trump] recently inked so-called ‘peace deals’ between the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Sudan, and Israel,” she tweeted. “The only problem?” she added. “They weren’t peace deals. They’re arms sales to human rights abusers, designed to empower the Gulf States and increase the risk of war with Iran.”

The representative’s flurry of tweets came after The Nation published an article in which she criticized Trump for collaborating with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). She pointed out that the country has been accused of committing war crimes in Yemen and “has also been credibly accused of committing war crimes in Libya.” 

Omar also argued that “Nearly every action taken under President Trump has made armed conflict more instead of less likely.” 

She wrote:

“Trump imposed crippling sanction after crippling sanction on the Iranian people—depriving them of much-needed medical supplies during a pandemic and further tightening the brutal authoritarian regime’s grip on power. He ordered the assassination of an Iranian commander—risking all-out war—earlier this year. As a result of these actions, Iran finally backed out of the nuclear pact that Trump himself had torn up in 2018—and now has 12 times more enriched uranium than would have been permitted under the agreement.”


In her op-ed, she suggested that Biden should reverse the peace deals that the Trump administration brokered between Israel and Bahrain, the UAE, and Sudan. “Instead of siding with one group of dictators over another, we should position ourselves at an equal distance from both, allowing ourselves to be honest brokers, protecting our national security and interests while promoting human rights and democracy,” she wrote. “We can hold Iran accountable for its human rights violations while also holding Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the UAE accountable.”

As stated previously, Omar is one of the few on the left who have dared to go after President Trump for his foreign policy. The reason why is obvious, isn’t it? The president’s foreign policy was far superior to that of his predecessors, both Democrats and Republicans. 

His success in creating a peace agreement between Israel and Sudan is the most noteworthy given the fact that the two nations have actually engaged in military conflicts against one another. Moreover, Sudan vowed never to open diplomatic relations with the Jewish state until the Palestinians were allowed to form their own nation. It has also allowed for Israeli travel to countries where the country’s residents would normally be prohibited. 

Perhaps this is the real reason why Omar doesn’t approve of Trump’s foreign policy. The president has been very friendly to Israel and has bolstered the relationship between our two nations. The lawmaker, who has a history of making anti-Semitic comments, likely resents the fact that these agreements benefit the Jewish state. 


Moreover, it seems clear that like her colleagues on other issues, Omar’s objection to Trump’s foreign policy is based more on partisan politics than anything else. Not only did Trump pave the way for even more peace deals for Israel, he has not started any new wars in the Middle East or anywhere else. 

While Omar’s criticism of America’s involvement in Saudi Arabia’s military actions in Yemen might be valid, the rest of her arguments are nothing more than a cynical attempt to make Trump’s foreign policy successes into a negative. The notion that persuading more nations to recognize Israel is not a positive development is patently absurd on every level. But perhaps I can give her points for trying. 


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