Trump Campaign Pursues New Legal Action In Pennsylvania


President Trump’s campaign filed a new lawsuit on Monday against Pennsylvania’s secretary of state and seven counties. The suit is seeking an injunction prohibiting them from certifying the state’s results of the presidential election. 


Trump’s team filed the lawsuit in federal district court. It alleges that the commonwealth used an illegal “two-tiered” voting system that held voters to different standards depending on whether they voted by mail or in-person. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro called the new lawsuit “meritless.” 

In a statement, Shapiro said:

“This is the latest meritless lawsuit to challenge Pennsylvania’s election, which was overseen by bipartisan election officials and was lawful, fair and secure. For months, the vast majority of these lawsuits have been dismissed and found to have no merit by Courts at all levels, and this one is no different.”

He added, “I am confident Pennsylvania law will be upheld and the will of the people of the Commonwealth will be respected in this election.”

According to The Hill, the lawsuit claims that “observers were not granted sufficient access to watch vote tabulation in Allegheny and Pennsylvania counties, and that Philadelphia County failed to comply with an order requiring officials to grant observers closer viewing of the process.”


The suit does not put forth specific evidence of electoral fraud, but it accuses the commonwealth of violating the Equal Protection Clause and the Elections and Electors Clauses. 

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany announced on Monday evening that the suit would be filed. She characterized the situation in Pennsylvania as “a case study into how to tip the scales of an election to functionally favor the Democrat Party.” She also asserted that the Democrats were “welcoming” fraud and illegal voting. 

This lawsuit will be the latest in a series of legal actions that the Trump team has filed in Pennsylvania. One suit seeks to have none of the mail-in ballots received by county election boards after Nov. 3 be counted. Previously, the state secretary issued guidelines allowing counties to count mail-in votes received by Nov. 6.

Another suit seeks to have the state appellate court remove the state secretary’s guidance that allows voters who cast defective ballots to re-do their vote in the form of a provisional ballot. The court ordered counties to segregate provisional ballots case by those who wished to fix their defective ballots. The court will rule on these ballots at a later date. 


The Trump team has not thrown in the towel yet and is still fiercely contesting the result of the election. Despite pressure to concede, the president has continued to rail against Democrats in battleground states, claiming that the election is being stolen. 

However, there has not yet been evidence of enough voter fraud to swing the election to former Vice President Joe Biden. But the court battles are still proceeding, and there is a chance that the Trump team’s lawyers may have found evidence that has not been made public. Either way, we will find out how this turns out soon enough. 


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