Rep. Dan Crenshaw Roasts Marjorie Taylor Greene Over Silly Grandstanding Criticism

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Rep. Dan Crenshaw clapped back at a newly-elected Republican lawmaker after she attempted to engage in a bit of grandstanding in response to comments Crenshaw made on Twitter. It was a moment that demonstrated how many on the right are understandably on edge over the presidential election. 


The Twitter spat started after Representative-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) accused Crenshaw of having a “loser mindset” in response to one of his tweet about the presidential election. 

On Friday, Crenshaw tweeted,“If Trump loses, he loses. It was never an impossible outcome and we must accept the final results when it is over. But the unfortunate reality is that there is very little trust in the process, where irregularities have been flagrant and transparency lacking.”

The representative followed up with another tweet:“It should not be partisan to suggest calmly that investigations occur and the court process plays out. Americans need to be sure of the winner and lose. The winners should especially want that.”

President Trump and Republicans have accused Democrats of engaging in rampant voter fraud to steal the election for former Vice President Joe Biden. Some of these allegations have been proven false, but others have proven to be worth investigating. The Nevada GOP recently announced that they had sent 3,062 examples of voter fraud to Attorney General William Barr. 


Greene, who has been criticized for being a vocal supporter of the QAnon movement quote-tweeted Crenshaw, implying that he was backing down. “Republicans can’t back down. This loser mindset is how the Democrats win. President Trump has fought for us, we have to fight for him. We won’t forget. Trust me,” she tweeted.

Crenshaw responded with a quote-tweet of his own: “Did you even read past the first sentence? Or are you just purposely lying so you can talk tough No one said give up. I literally said investigate every irregularity and use the courts. You’re a member of Congress now, Marjorie. Start acting like one.”

Greene responded, saying that she “read every word.”


The American public — especially those who support Trump — are worried about the outcome of the election. But some seem to be using it to build their brands. 

The reality is that there was nothing wrong with Crenshaw’s tweet. He was not conceding defeat, he was giving a rational take on the election and insisting that steps be taken to ensure fairness. Greene seems to be doing what AOC did when she was elected: Taking potshots at people in her own party to make herself appear to be the stronger one. 

Picking this fight is silly, especially when GOP officials should be focusing on doing everything possible to determine whether or not voter fraud is giving Biden the victory. The fact that the Associated Press just declared Biden the winner makes this matter even more urgent. Perhaps Crenshaw was right and Greene should start acting like a member of Congress. There will be plenty of time for grandstanding later. 


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