House Candidate Tamika Hamilton Looking To Make History In November

Tamika Hamilton is not only looking to win a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, she is seeking to make history. The candidate, who is also a military veteran, is running to represent California’s third district. 

Hamilton was featured in a segment on ABC’s “Good Morning America” that documented part of her campaign. During the segment, Hamilton discusses her family, faith, and military career and how they have shaped her into who she is today. Her objective isn’t to just win office, but to help bring the nation back together after years of radical division. 

You can watch the feature here:

But Hamilton’s candidacy represents something more than just a seat in Congress. As Good Morning America pointed out, “there are currently no black Republican women in Congress.”  If elected, Hamilton will become the first black Republican to represent California’s 3rd district. Even further, she would be the second black woman to enter Congress as a Republican. 

In her appearance, the candidate is shown knocking on doors with members of her campaign staff. The footage also shows her reacting with grace to a resident — whose name is probably Karen — who accused her of trespassing. In the video, she discusses her refusal to abort her first son despite pressure from one of her superiors in the military. 

Tamika Hamilton is the real deal, and if elected, she will work to bring about the change our nation needs. In her words, “I’m just Tamika, and I’m a black woman that’s really trying to show that we can bring this nation back together


If you want more information, or would like to donate, you can visit her website here.