Laura Ingraham: Biden Using COVID-19 To ‘Scare Old People Into Voting’


Fox News host Laura Ingraham nailed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign strategy in the week leading up to Election Day. She rightly pointed out that the former vice president’s primary — and probably most effective weapon is the coronavirus pandemic. 


The host on Monday evening suggested that the Biden campaign is “using the virus panic button” in an attempt to “scare old people into voting for someone who seems more like an assisted living resident than future president.” 

At the start of her opening monologue, she referred to the campaign as “the Biden-COVID ticket,” noting that the coronavirus was Biden’s “true running mate.” 

“‘Using the virus panic button is all they have,” she continued. “It’s the only way to scare old people into voting for someone who seems more like an assisted living resident than future president. As if on cue in the final week of the campaign, the media is looking to ‘Vice President COVID’ to do the live heavy lifting for old Joe.”



Ingraham’s remarks come after a record number of COVID-19 cases was reported by the COVID Tracking Project. Currently, the U.S. has reported over 225,00 coronavirus-related deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, according to Johns Hopkins University. 

Progressive politicians and their close friends and allies in the corporate media have been using the rate of COVID-19 deaths to attack the president. Their objective has been to pin each and every one of these fatalities on the president, completely ignoring the role of state and local governments in addressing the virus. It is seen as one of the only effective lines of attack. However, the former vice president has failed to adequately articulate how he would have handled the pandemic more effectively. 


On the other hand, President Trump has defended his administration’s handling of the outbreak, citing his early move to shut down travel from China, where the virus originated, and several European nations. The Trump campaign frequently highlights the work being done to develop a vaccine as quickly as possible. 

Ingraham noted that the president took an approach that has allowed many Americans to keep their jobs while carefully reopening the economy. “It was the president who dealt with the pandemic, and then he decided to push a reopening allowing states to make their own decisions,” she explained. “That decision saved countless jobs and lives, and thankfully, we now have things like convalescent plasma therapeutics which we know work, and we know steroids can help later in more serious cases.”

The host touched on something that many have already seen. During the debates, Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), repeatedly attacked his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The media has parroted the talking points, lambasting him for not wearing masks often enough. Even when Trump tested positive for the virus, they used it as an opportunity to reinforce the message that every COVID death was his fault. 


But the question is: Will the American public buy it? Indeed, those who are already on the left will eagerly believe any negative argument about the president. But did the Democrats manage to convince the rest of the nation that Trump is solely responsible for each coronavirus fatality? It seems doubtful, but as stated previously, it is the only line of attack that has any chance of working. 


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