Dan Bongino Savages ‘Media Buffoons’ Whining Over Trump’s Drive-By Visit

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Fox News contributor and podcast host Dan Bongino pulled no punches in his commentary on the fake outrage over President Trump driving by supporters outside of Walter Reed hospital. In his usual take-no-prisoners approach to the progressive left, Bongino explained why members of the corporate media are getting it wrong on this latest nontroversy.


On Sunday, video footage showing the president being driven through the hospital’s parking lot by Secret Service agents was posted on social media. In the video, Trump can be seen waving to his supporters as they drove by. 

It didn’t take long for progressives and their close friends and allies in the corporate press to clutch their collective pearls and scream, “oh my stars and garters” in response to the president’s horrific actions. Since they could not think of a valid line of attack against Trump, they resorted to pretending that they cared about the safety of the Secret Service agents that were in the car with him. 

CNN published a piece in which it breathlessly argued that “his seconds-long parade only underscored the relaxed attitude toward transmission that appear to have landed Trump in the hospital to being with.” The author continued, pointing out that “the contained space inside the presidential limousine hardly allowed for social distancing from the driver and agent.” 

A Secret Service agent working on the president’s detail told CNN, “that should never have happened,” and that the agents who drove the vehicle would have to be placed in quarantine. “I mean, I wouldn’t want to be around them,” he added. Another agent noted that members of the Secret Service would not have been able to object to this type of request, stating that “you can’t say no.” 


However, the White House released a statement explaining that the president’s team took “appropriate precautions” to ensure that everyone would be kept safe. Indeed, the agents in the car were wearing medical gowns, respirator masks, and eye protection. Moreover, Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former 2016 campaign manager and an advisor to his 2020 re-election campaign stated that the agents involved volunteered to take Trump on the drive. 

In an appearance on “Fox and Friends,” Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, was asked about the supposed controversy over the president’s short ride in the parking lot. When asked if he would be worried if he were one of the agents in the vehicle, he retorted: “You know, Steve, we don’t get to be worried because that’s not what we do. And this story is infuriating — infuriating.”

He continued, pointing out the media’s hypocrisy on the matter. “No one gave a damn about the Secret Service when the Secret service was at risk knowing where other protectees knowingly put them at risk in other situations.”

Bongino recounted stories in which other agents were put in dangerous situations. “I didn’t hear any stories, Steve you remember the story about the friend of mine who caught chikungunya fever in Africa remember that one?” he asked. He continued:


“What about a guy by the name of Dan Bongino who’s on the fever in South Africa with another protectee? Remember that story? Yeah, you don’t remember that either do you? What about the hundreds of other agents who get sick every year traveling around the world for photo Ops to protect these from both parties? You know why you don’t hear about that story? Because that’s not what we do. we’re not a bunch of whiners.”

But Bongino didn’t stop there. The commentator continued, calling out the corporate press for attempting to turn this story into a controversy:

“So to these media buffoons —  you clowns who don’t know the first thing about honor dignity or courage, I know you wouldn’t get in that car with the president with a mask or a full bubble suit because you’re chumps and cowards and spineless losers — we all know that. But don’t you dare utter the word ‘secret service’ again because you know nothing about these men or women, why they do what they do, how they wound up in that car, why they did it and they would do it again tomorrow so how about you to shut your mouth, put your caboose in a chair, and sit this one out.”

Bongino is right, of course. Members of the Secret Service understand what they are signing up for before they join the agency. Moreover, one can easily see from the equipment that the agents were wearing that his team was taking precautions to ensure safety. The fact that they volunteered for this duty even further demonstrates the false concern that the left is displaying. 


The reality is that the folks who are feigning outrage over this story care nothing for the agents involved. It is yet another obvious political attack from an increasingly desperate media apparatus that is dedicated to taking down the president. Unfortunately for them, they are only exposing their apparent bias. 

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