White House Deploying Team of ‘Knife Fighters’ to Battle Smear Campaign Against Amy Coney Barrett

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Judge Amy Coney Barrett listens as President Donald Trump announces Barrett as his nominee to the Supreme Court, in the Rose Garden at the White House, Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


The White House appears to be fully prepared for the political bar fight that will erupt once the confirmation process for Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett begins on Oct. 12. An exclusive Fox News report revealed that the Trump administration has assembled a team of “knife fighters” to deploy when the brawl breaks out. 

According to Fox News, the White House has brought together a group of individuals who, like a political version of Bryan Mills, possess a particular set of skills designed to frustrate the Democrats’ efforts to derail Barrett’s confirmation. “Senior White House officials told Fox News that the team is broken into two parts: one focused on communications and the other focused on guiding Barrett through the process on Capitol Hill,” they wrote. 

Each part of the team is made up of key members of the White House’s communications apparatus. 

From Fox News:

“Senior officials argued the team is ‘uniquely equipped’ for the mission: The White House communications team will consist of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who is a graduate of Harvard Law School and will take on the role of ‘lead spokesperson.’ Deputy Press Secretary Brian Morgenstern, a graduate of Columbia Law School, and White House communications officials Alyssa Farah and Ben Williamson, who are veterans of Capitol Hill and who have unique relationships with Republican leadership in both chambers of Congress, are also on the team.”

A senior official in the Trump administration told Fox News that the communications team would also include members of the staff who will handle rapid response efforts. “We will need to be knife fighters with the opposition, and will be prepared to marshal information quickly, and disseminate it to push back on any false narratives or attacks on her and her family, because we anticipate, unfortunately, that Democrats will go there,” the official said.


Another Trump administration official told Fox News that the communications team would be “very well-synced” with key members of the Senate, including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican conference, and the Senate Judiciary Committee. The team will “work closely” with these entities to ensure that their messaging strategy is on point. 

The other part of the team will be tasked with preparing Barrett for what will likely be the fight of her life. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows will play the Mickey to Barrett’s Rocky Balboa and help her in her efforts to persuade members of the Senate to support her confirmation. “He knows exactly the senators we’ll need to win over, and the issues that matter to them,” another official told Fox News. “He knows which senators to target that could bring over votes for her, and will help her to remain independent and speak to her own judicial record to win those key votes. He’s a Capitol Hill strategist.”

White House Counsel Pat Cipollone will also be coaching Barrett to answer the barrage of questions that Democratic senators are sure to throw at her during the hearings. The White House seems confident that Barrett will be more than adequately prepared to duke it out with the Democrats when the time comes. “Between Pat’s legal mind and Meadows’ Hill mind, we feel we have the strongest team in place to get through this,” the official said. 

The official later added that their experience will help them to ensure a desirable outcome for the White House. “We have muscle memory from being through two confirmations now, we have a White House counsel team who knows what to expect, and we feel highly confident about where we are,” they said. 


The coming battle over the Supreme Court adds yet another layer to the already-heated presidential race. There is no doubt that the Democrats and their close friends and allies in the corporate press will launch an all-out frontal assault on the judge once the hearings start. If the White House is as prepared as it seems, then they should be able to mount a counteroffensive that will ultimately win them the victory. 


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Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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