Senate Report Reveals That John Kerry Wasn’t Exactly Honest About Hunter Biden

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The Senate report on Hunter Biden that was released on Wednesday is making quite a splash. The documents’ contents have confirmed what many already knew about the scandal, but it also gave new information, specifically about former Secretary of State John Kerry. 


The recently-revealed documents revealed that Kerry was deceptive with reporters when they asked him if he was aware of former Vice President Joe Biden’s son’s role as a board member of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company. When asked, Kerry responded, “I had no knowledge about any of that. None. No.”

During the battle over impeachment, the conversation took place, which exposed Hunter Biden’s dealings with the Ukrainian company. Investigations revealed that he might have used his father’s name to gain a prestigious and high-paying position with the company. He was shown to have been paid $50,000 per month, far higher than others serving on the board. This raised eyebrows, mainly because the younger Biden had no experience in the energy industry.

But the report, which was compiled by the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee with the Senate Treasury Committee, demonstrates that Kerry’s denial was false. Congressional investigators found that David Wade, Kerry’s Chief of Staff, briefed the former Secretary of State on press inquiries related to Hunter Biden’s new position with Burisma. 

Wade informed the investigators that he informed Kerry that the Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, who were business partners with Christopher Heinz, the secretary’s stepson, had joined the company’s board of directors. Heinz had declined to accept the position. Here is an excerpt of the transcript of Wade’s interview with investigators:


“Question: What was Secretary Kerry’s reaction to you informing him of these news inquiries about Mr. Heinz and the additional information regarding Mr. Archer’s [and] Mr. Hunter Biden’s connection and involvement with Burisma?

Wade: He knew nothing about it.

Question: So he learned about this information from you?

Wade: I believe so, yeah.”

Amid all the theater of the impeachment fiasco, Democrats were scrambling to downplay or cover up Hunter Biden’s allegedly corrupt relationship with Burisma as well as other more lascivious details of Joe Biden’s son’s life. As RedState’s Bonchie noted, “The report was compiled from numerous sources including investigative reporting, documentary evidence, and testimony given to the committee.”

He also points out how the report could politically damage the former vice president, who currently leads Trump in the polls. He wrote:

“The ties here are not just superficial, and they would not be treated as such if the media weren’t so hopelessly biased and invested in seeing the elder Biden win in November. We are talking millions of dollars, prostitutes, human trafficking, and dealings with Russia and China, not just among Hunter Biden, but among several other family members, as well. There’s no way Joe Biden is completely divorced from all of this.”


The fact that Kerry was not honest with reporters about Hunter Biden’s involvement with the Ukrainian energy company lends credibility to the notion that the former vice president’s son is toxic to any who come into contact with this scandal. But will it be enough to destroy Joe Biden’s chances of winning the election? Only time will tell. 


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