Oregon Governor Blames White Supremacy For Bloodshed In Portland. She’s Right. 

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Here’s another one that will make you shake your head. 

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) claimed that the recent violence in Portland was perpetrated by “armed white supremacists” in a Sunday press release. She blamed “right-wing vigilantes” for the bloodshed that occurred in the city last week. 


This might seem like the usual race-baiting. But she’s right. 

Most of those who have been engaged in the violence in Portland and other American cities are upholding white supremacy, but not in the way people like Gov. Brown thinks. These are not “right-wing vigilantes” causing this destruction. Sure, it has been confirmed that some right-wing extremists are participating, but their numbers are miniscule compared to the white progressives who are destroying communities — especially black ones. 

In her press release, Brown urged residents to stop the “cycle of violence” and announced that additional resources for law enforcement would be provided. However, she did not call out Antifa, Black Lives Matter, or any other far-leftist group that participated in the chaos. Rather than call out the people who have been engaged in violence for the past three months, she directed her criticism at the right-wing group called Patriot Prayer.” 

She said, “The right-wing group Patriot Prayer and self-proclaimed militia members drove into downtown Portland last night, armed and looking for a fight. Every Oregonian has the right to freely express their views without fear of deadly violence.” She continued, declaring that she would “not allow Patriot Prayer and armed white supremacists to bring more bloodshed to our streets.”


The governor claimed that it was Patriot Prayer who caused the violence in the city, but Aaron “Jay” Danielson, the victim of Saturday’s fatal shooting, was reportedly a member of the group. So far, there has been no evidence demonstrating that he instigated any violent confrontations in the city. On the other hand, we know who the shooter was, and he wasn’t exactly a MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporter. 

48-year-old Michael Forest Reinoehl is the activist who is believed to have shot Danielson. He is allegedly a supporter of Black Lives Matter and has identified himself on social media as “100% ANTIFA all the way.” It is believed that the operative has been participating int he riots since May 25 and was arrested on weapons charges in July. 

The reality is that it is the left who are using these riots to uphold white supremacy. While claiming that white people are working to keep black people from enjoying the same prosperity as whites, they actively work to ensure this remains a reality. 

White progressives push for ridiculous policies like defunding the police, which will cause undue harm to the black community while they stay protected and sheltered from the consequences of their pernicious ideas. They deliberately allow mostly-white rioters to wreak havoc in black cities despite the protestations of the African American residents living there. Recently, a white thug killed a black police officer by shooting him in the head, and the progressive corporate media has seen fit to ignore it. 


When it comes to the ongoing unrest occurring nationwide, it is white progressives stabbing black people in the black under the banner of the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” The reality is that they have no intention of safeguarding black lives. Indeed, they are more than willing to place black Americans in danger if it helps them accomplish their objectives. 

But Brown was only taking a page from Alinsky’s handbook and putting into action one of his most famous quotes: “Always accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.” 


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