Seattle Rioters Attempt To Trap And Incinerate Police Officers

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Amid nationwide rioting and violent protests, police are increasingly in danger. Rioters in Seattle allegedly tried to lock police officers in their building before setting it on fire.


According to KIRO 7, the officers were “forced to kick their way out of an East Precinct exit door Monday night, after rioters jammed it with boards and rebar, and attempted to seal the door closed with quick-dry cement.”

Surveillance video shows that people were starting a fire outside the building’s exit door as it was being jammed. These individuals were attempting to set the building aflame with the officers trapped inside.

Mike Solan, the president of the Seattle Police Guild, called this act “clear domestic terrorism” and told KIRO 7 that the people engaged in rioting and looting are not only intent on destroying property, but on killing officers. “I think what this shows you is that these people are intent on killing police officers,” he said.

He continued, “We’re being held hostage by a group of 100 to 150 people that are bent on destroying this city and hurting police officers.”

Later on Monday night, the police guild headquarters were “targeted by three firebombs.” Solan stated that their “surveillance video captured two individuals scouting our location for several hours.” The footage shows the stairway at the back of the building being set on fire. Fortunately, the officers were able to extinguish the flames.


Solan excoriated the city’s government for failing to condemn these acts. He said, “that’s why it’s incumbent upon our elected officials to put a stop to this immediately.”

The guild president continued, “How can city leaders be so feckless? It can’t just be on the officers. This is an absolute overthrow attempt of some of our government institutions, and police are in the way. They or the officers will get hurt or killed so they can put forth that agenda.”

He added, “They’re not going to bully this community into submission.”

This incident, along with the recent shooting in Kenosha, WI, shows that these violent protests are escalating. The fact that demonstrators would brazenly attempt to murder police officers isn’t a good sign, especially if the individuals involved are not brought to justice.

Since the death of George Floyd, these violent demonstrations have only increased in intensity as city governments do little to nothing to quell the mayhem. The cavalier attitude that these city leaders display defies all reason; affirming that black lives matter is one thing, but turning a blind eye to wanton violence that has already claimed the lives of several black men is another.


While it is impossible to read minds, the actions of the Democratic officials running these cities show that they either do not care about people dying in the streets or that these deaths are the desired outcome. Unfortunately for residents of these cities, those tasked with defending them are woefully unequipped in many cases, and city officials refuse to support them. In Chicago, some activists are pushing for the National Guard to get involved.

Unfortunately, it appears the carnage that has already ensued is not enough to motivate city leaders to take decisive action against the thugs and criminals causing destruction. The question is: If dead Americans won’t prompt them to take action, what will?


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