Progressives Dox And Target The Business Of The St. Louis Gun-Toting Couple Who Confronted Protesters

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Anybody paying attention to American politics over the past four years could have predicted this. Progressives on social media have launched a full on digital assault against Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple who stood on their lawn pointing guns at Black Lives matter protesters as they walked by their house. 


On Monday morning footage of the incident in which the protesters, who had broken through a gate into the private community, went viral on social media. The video showed the McCloskeys standing in front of their house ready to defend themselves. The protesters, who did not attempt to physically assault anyone, were there to stage a protest at the home of the city’s mayor. 

It only took hours for bad actors on social media to dox the couple, posting their address and revealing the location of their law practice. Needless to say, this act places the couple, who are personal injury lawyers, in danger. But they didn’t stop there. 

Progressives are now attacking the couple’s law firm. On their Yelp! page, people have left scathing one-star reviews accusing them of racism and the usual leftist fare. Here is a small sampling of their comments:


“The real question, when will this couple be arrested?  Angrily exhibiting a firearm at 1 or more people is a Class D felony in their state.  Don’t hire these amateurs with the guns.  Don’t hire lawyers who will cause personal injury to innocent peaceful protesters demonstrating their first amendment right to peacefully gather.”


“Come get your people – these folks were pointed weapons at unarmed peaceful protestors”


“Buyer beware this people are absolutely nuts. Do your business elsewhere!!

In the pictures he is holding his weapon in the direction of his wife he doesn’t even know how to handle the weapon he is showcasing.”


“Pics say it all. It is not responsible gun practice to wave guns at peaceful, innocent protesters. Don’t support racism. BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!!!”


“The lawyers you want when you need someone to pull a gun on peaceful protesters or to chase an ambulance.”


“Do you seriously want to hire people who point guns at innocent protesters than included children?  These two should be disbarred!”



Some have called for the arrest of the McCloskeys amid questions as to whether or not their pointing weapons at the protesters was a violation of the law. Some have called for the attorneys to be disbarred. The St. Louis Police Department has not indicated whether or not they are conducting an investigation into the couple or if they will file charges. 

This particular story has elicited no small level of outrage from Americans on both sides of the political spectrum. The left is criticizing the McCloskeys for obvious reasons: They’re pretending the couple is racist. However, a sane look at the situation reveals that they were likely frightened at the sight of hundreds of protesters illegally entering their private community. 

In an interview with KMOV, Mark McCloskey gave his side of the story: 

“A mob of at least 100 smashed through the historic wrought iron gates of Portland Place, destroying them, rushed towards my home where my family was having dinner outside and put us in fear for our lives. This is all private property. There are no public sidewalks or public streets. I was terrified that we’d be murdered within seconds, our house would be burned down, our pets would be killed. We were all alone facing an angry mob.”


With the heightened racial tensions and the corporate media doing everything it can to inflame the narrative, the McCloskey’s can’t be blamed for being on edge when the protesters broke into the community. Walking out onto their lawn carrying guns wasn’t exactly the wisest move in that situation given that the demonstrators had not physically attacked anyone. And anyone familiar with the pew pew life knows they were not handling their firearms correctly. But they certainly do not deserve to be doxxed and have their livelihoods threatened, especially since they did not harm anyone. 

But this type of behavior is par for the course on the far left. It is not enough to criticize someone or to debunk their arguments; If someone transgresses the precepts of the church of wokeism, they must be destroyed. This is exactly what they are trying to do to the McCloskeys at present. 

This tendency to go scorched earth on anyone who earns their ire is dangerous and chilling. Make no mistake, the attacks on the McCloskeys aren’t meant for them alone. Indeed, this is also designed to send a message to others who might engage in behavior that is not approved by progressives. 


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