Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Refuses to Relinquish Her Power

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In this image provided by the Michigan Office of the Governor, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer addresses the state during a speech in Lansing, Mich., Monday, April 6, 2020. Whitmer said Detroit-area hospitals are running “dangerously low” on personal protection equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic. She also reported an “incredible surge” in the number of unemployment claims and promised that people would get paid, despite computer woes and bureaucratic red tape. (Michigan Office of the Governor via AP)


In a move that would make Emperor Palpatine smile, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer just announced that she would not give up her emergency powers as the COVID-19 outbreak persists. The Governor, who ignited controversy after she imposed a series of asinine restrictions, indicated that it is essential that she retain her full authority.

During a Friday press conference, the Governor, who I shall refer to as “Darth Whitmer,” laid out her defense of her continuing authoritarianism. “With regard to any of the blatantly political conversations about taking executive power away from my office, I’m just going to reiterate for — I don’t know how many — the umpteenth time, I’m not going to sign any bill that takes authority away from me or from any future governor,” she intoned, “The powers of the executive office are incredibly important, especially in times of crisis where lives are on the line.”




The Michigan Sith Lord masquerading as governor was responding to the overwhelming backlash against her brazen overreach and wacky measures with which she has burdened her citizens. Some of these include prohibiting residents from traveling between homes and outlawing home improvement and garden supplies.

Amid the chorus of criticism, Darth Whitmer decided to relax some of her ridiculous restrictions, but she also decided to extend the stay-at-home order through May 15. “If we continue to see our numbers decline, we can responsibly consider additional steps we can take,” she said. “If we see an increase, we may have to be nimble enough to go backward on occasion.”

The relaxed measures will allow Michigan residents to participate in outdoor activities like golf and motorized boating. However, the number of participants will still be limited.

While Darth Whitmer was the most egregious when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions, other governors have been looking for excuses to continue the shutdown orders for as long as possible. With the help of their allies in the corporate press, they are attempting to use the virus to convince the American public that they need to stay on lockdown almost indefinitely.


However, the tide seems to be turning. While the majority of Americans are concerned about a resurgence of the coronavirus, even more are worried that they might lose their freedoms because of their governments’ reactions. The public realizes the importance of getting the country back to work. In the end, most Americans will become louder in their protest of the government overreach. It can’t happen soon enough.


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