President Trump Vows to Veto Anti-Freelance Worker Bill


President Donald Trump recently took a stand against Democrats who would use legislation to threaten the livelihoods of millions of Americans. Progressives in the House plan to push a bill that includes an amendment that mirrors California’s AB5 law that severely limits the ability of freelance and gig workers to make a living. You can read about it here.


After AB5 went into effect this year, tens of thousands of American citizens lost their source of income almost overnight. Now, the Democrats want to do this nationally at the federal level because of course they do. They claim that the law is designed to protect workers since evil corporations are abusing their contract employees. 

That’s leftist logic for you: “Hey, some companies aren’t treating their gig workers fairly. Let’s solve the problem by eliminating their jobs! No more gig workers! Yay!” Makes sense, right? You can’t abuse someone who doesn’t exist, can you?

But it appears the president isn’t too keen on the idea. The proposed legislation, along with destroying the lives of freelance workers, would also have severe economic consequences, which is why he announced that he would veto the bill if it ever makes it to his desk. The White House released a statement outlining his intention to ensure that the proposal never becomes law. Here’s a snippet:

“H.R. 2474 would hurt workers in several ways. First, the bill would kill jobs and destroy the gig economy. It appears to cute and paste the core provisions of California’s controversial AB 5, which severely restricts self-employment. AB 5 is actively threatening the existence of both the franchise business sector and the gig economy in California. It would be a serious mistake for Congress to impose this flawed job-killing policy on the entire country.”


This is certainly an encouraging sign — especially for freelance writers like myself and my colleagues here at RedState. But by no means does this indicate that we should become complacent. The Democrats aren’t only focused on winning the presidency in November; they are making a push to regain the Senate and keep the House. If they manage to do so, and they gain enough seats to override Trump’s veto, this announcement will be about as worthless as an umbrella in a hurricane. 


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