Mayor DeBlasio Blasted by Law Enforcement Officials for Sanctuary Laws that Allowed the Murder of 92-Year-Old Woman

Progressive politicians in New York City have given us yet another example demonstrating why sanctuary laws are a destructive idea. Mayor Bill de Blasio is being pilloried after the rape and murder of Maria Fuertes, a 92-year-old woman. Earlier this week, a man residing in the U.S. illegally attacked Fuertes before killing her. 


PJ Media reported that NYPD union leader Vincent Vallelonga lashed out at the mayor for supporting policies that protect criminal illegal aliens from deportation. “The mayor can say what he wants to say — he owns this,” he said, referencing the murder. “He should step up and say these are his policies, he owns it.” 

Khan was released under New York City’s sanctuary laws after he was arrested in relation to a stabbing incident. It was after his release that he raped and murdered Fuertes. As with other sanctuary cities, NYPD is prohibited from cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when they apprehend a suspect whose legal status is in question. 

But, as with other law enforcement agencies, Vallelonga stated that officers are not in favor of laws that shield illegal aliens from deportation. “I can guarantee you every single one of our members wants to help them out, unfortunately, the way the policies are set up, they don’t allow us to,” he said. “How do we have our own hands handcuffed to not be able to work with these guys?

But Vallelonga wasn’t the only law enforcement official taking issue with the mayor’s support of sanctuary policies. ICE’s Acting Director Matthew Albence addressed reporters in a recent press conference and discussed the frustration experienced by the city’s police officers. “Go ask the line cops in any jurisdiction — they hate these things, and I’ve talked to many,” he said. He continued:


“A lot of these guys are repeat offenders, they are violent offenders and these cops are out there day after day putting their lives on the line and it’s got to be incredibly frustrating for them to arrest these guys, knowing they’re here illegally, knowing that ICE could get them off the streets and three weeks later they’re arresting them again for a more dangerous crime or a more heinous crime.”

The acting director referenced statistics showing that ICE placed 7,526 detainers from its New York field office. The individuals for whom the agency lodged detainers were responsible for 17,873 criminal convictions and 6,500 criminal charges. These included over 200 homicides, 500 robberies, 1,000 sexual offenses, 1,000 weapons offenses, and 3,500 assaults. The NYPD honored only 10 of these detainers. 

ICE officials have often pointed out that criminal illegal aliens who are released under sanctuary laws are more likely to commit additional crimes after being freed. But the open borders crowd continues to promote them. 

Sanctuary laws have literally resulted in hundreds — if not thousands — of Americans being victimized by illegals who progressive policies have protected. Unfortunately, it appears that there is no number of victims who have to lose their lives that will compel Democratic politicians to protect their constituents instead of criminal illegal aliens. 



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