Poll: Majority of Swing Voters Support Ending Chain Migration

It appears we have yet another indication that the American public is not on board with the left’s open borders agenda. A recent Rasmussen poll revealed that the majority of likely swing voters wish to see an end to chain migration, which is a process by which newly naturalized citizens can bring as many foreign family members into the United States as they wish. 


According to the survey, about 62% of swing voters indicated that they oppose the chain migration policy. Only 30% stated that they support the program. These results were the same across racial lines with the majority of white, black, and Hispanic Americans stating that they do not support the measure. 

Every single Democratic presidential candidate vying for the nomination has vowed to retain the program, claiming that President Trump’s proposal to end the policy is motivated by bigotry. It appears that most swing voters from all racial background are racist bigots who hate brown people. Who knew? 

But it is also worth noting that when Rasmussen surveyed likely Democratic voters, they did not overwhelmingly support the program either; they were split almost in half on the issue. Democrats supported and opposed the measure by 46%. 

Given the fact that aboutt 70% of all legal immigrants come to the U.S. through the chain migration program, it is no surprise that Americans would desire a process that allows for more effective vetting. In fact, this means that only one in 15 legall immigrants enter the country based on their skills or for employment purposes. About 150,000 employment-based Green Cards are issued annually with half of these going to the relatives of employees residing in the country legally. 

This poll shows us something most already know: The Democrats are woefully out of touch with the average American when it comes to immigration. It is not the first study to reveal similar results. Nevertheless, the progressives continue to push for lax immigration policies that adversely affect citizens. In fact, both legal and illegal immigration disproprtionately harm the black community. Like many far-left policies, liberal immigration policies cause devastation to the ones they claim to protect. 


Perhaps this is why they are so quick to label those opposing open borders as bigots; it seems to be an effective way to distract from the inevitably racist outcomes of the policy. As Josef Goebbels once said, “Always accuse the other side of that which are you guilty.” When it comes to immigration, among several other issues, the progressive left is taking this advice to heart. 

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