Poll Shows Trump Defeating Democratic Frontrunners

President Donald Trump points to supporters after speaking at his Black Voices for Trump rally Friday, Nov. 8, 2019, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)



A new survey presents some bad news for the Democrats in 2020. According to a Zogby Analytics poll released on Sunday, President Donald Trump’s chances for re-election are looking positive. The study shows that he is leading Democratic frontrunners in hypothetical matchups.

The poll was conducted during December 5 – 8 and analyzed 865 likely voters. Former Vice President Joe Biden did the best against Trump but still fell slightly short of victory. The poll showed that the president beat Biden 46% to 45%. Biden still has an advantage among women, minorities, and young voters. But Trump has an edge with millennials.

When it comes to independents, Trump has the narrowest of leads over the former vice president at 41% to 40%. Both candidates have vital leads with various demographics.

The poll also shows Trump beating Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in a general election contest 47% to 45%. The self-proclaimed democratic socialist beats Trump with younger voters at 53% to 37%. But Trump is ahead of Sanders with union voters at 48% to 42%.

The president also beats Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) 47% to 43%, with Warren leading among women at a smaller margin than the other Democratic frontrunners. Interestingly enough, both Biden and Sanders appeal to female voters against Trump than Warren. But she is doing favorably with Hispanics and black Americans.


Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who has gained traction recently, loses to Trump with a 45% to 41% split. Newcomer and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg loses 44% to 43%.

But what’s most interesting about this poll is the potential matchup between Trump and Biden. The former vice president seems to be the Democrats’ best chance for defeating Trump in 2020. Not only does this give us an indication as to who will secure the nomination — but it might also provide some insight into where Democratic voters stand.

The other two frontrunners, Warren and Sanders, have run on a decidedly far-left platform. Both candidates have championed the type of “free everything for everyone” policies that threaten to move the Democrats further to the left.

But it appears that most left-leaning voters are not quite aboard the socialism train. Otherwise, they would not be supporting a 77-year-old candidate who would finish his first term in his 80s if elected. After all, they could easily pick from a younger group of candidates like Warren, Buttigieg, or even Andrew Yang, couldn’t they?


Perhaps the majority of Democratic voters are not quite as ready to emulate the statism of Scandinavian countries as the hard left would like them to be. But this does not mean that the left isn’t still succeeding in their efforts to move the country closer to socialism. A poll taken in November shows that about a third of millennials approve of Communism. The far left is starting to win the war of ideas, meaning that those who favor freedom better start developing a strategy to push back against the spread of Marxism in America.


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