Study Shows 99% of Trump Campaign Ads Focus on Impeachment

A recent study shows that the Trump campaign understands something about impeachment that everyone in America realizes — except House Democrats. Axios just reported that 99% of the campaign’s television ads this year discussed the endeavor to impeach President Donald Trump. 


The study cited by Axios was conducted by the nonpartisan Wesleyan Media Project found that “over the past three months, the Trump campaign talked impeachment in 4,594 television ads. The amount spent on the advertisements amounted to about $4.4 million. The study focused on ads between Jan 5 and Dec 14 of this year. 

Now here’s the part demonstrating that the left doesn’t quite understand the situation here. Axios’ interpretation of these findings completely misses the point. “This is a vivid new illustration of the alacrity with which the Trump campaign is embracing the stain of impeachment to raise money, rev up the base and try to build a head of steam against whoever emerges as the Democratic nominee,” they wrote. 

In one sense they are right — the campaign is “embracing the stain of impeachment.” But contrary to what they seem to believe, it is not the president who is stained by the impeachment proceedings — it is those engaging in the brazenly partisan effort to remove him from office. It seems Trump’s team is well aware of this fact and is exploiting it to its fullest potential. 


As support for impeachment continues to plummet, it seems appropriate for the campaign to keep using the Democrats’ favorite weapon against them. It has already threatened the seats of several House Democrats and even flipped one to the Republican side. There’s something almost poetic about it, isn’t there? 

But unfortunately for the Democrats, they remain clueless. It is clear that impeachment is causing more damage to them than the president. Nevertheless, they persist. But for how long? 


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