Woman Photographs Boys Dressed As Princesses to Normalize Gender Fluidity


In the latest episode of “This is How You Got Trump,” a photographer is promoting a project in which she takes pictures of boys dressed up as princesses. Why? To normalize the idea that boys should dress up as girls. Could this be part of the left’s effort to eliminate the notion of gender? 


The Daily Wire reports that photographer Kitty Wolf, who founded the “Boys Can Be Princesses, Too” project, is encouraging parents of boys to participate in the photoshoots. The project’s website describes it as “a series of photos of little boys dressed as their favorite princesses — together with their favorite princesses!”

The site also explains the project’s ultimate purpose:

 “The Boys Can Be Princesses Too Project is an ongoing photo project started by Kitty Wolf Photography designed to show support for kids and parents of kids that choose to play as princesses, no matter their gender. By putting more pictures of boys as princesses out into the world, we show everyone that it’s ok to play as whoever you want, even if it’s a boy in a ballgown.”

The website also displays a letter from Kitty Wolf explaining why she started the project. “During my time as a princess performer, company owner, and preschool assistant, I have seen boys being told that princesses are ‘just for girls’ or that liking princesses and especially dressing as one somehow makes them weak, inferior or not boys,” she wrote. 

Wolf also stated that her goal is “to show these boys and world that it is perfectly acceptable for boys to admire and even dress like princesses,” and that she wants to “show them it’s ok for boys to dress up as their heroes even if that means they’re twirling around in a ball gown.” 

Well, she’s not shy about her agenda, is she? 


But that’s not all. Visitors are also invited to become “collaborators” in the project. These individuals would “host their own photo shoots in their respective hometowns and have the photos displayed on the Boys Can Be Princesses, Too website with official branding.”

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that Wolf’s project is just another in a series of progressives efforts to encouraging gender fluidity. In essence, they are attempting to eliminate the notion of gender differences and roles. By elevating events like “Drag Queen Story Hour” at public libraries and boosting children dressed up as drag queens, they are trying to normalize the idea that gender is simply a social construct with no basis in biology. 

But the effort to push gender fluidity isn’t just happening on the internet and the media. They are also trying to indoctrinate American children into this dogma in public schools. I previously wrote about the Austin Independent School District’s sneaking in  extreme ideas of sexuality into the brand new sexual education curriculum they adopted earlier this year:

“In each age range, including third grade, teachers will learn about the different categories of the LGBT community. One lesson involves the children playing a matching game where they match words like ‘bisexual,’ ‘gay,’ and ‘transgender’ with their definitions.

Under the new curriculum, educators will also teach kids to use ‘inclusive language.’ The document explains that ‘in these lessons, gender neutral language is used to be inclusive of all students including those with diverse gender identities and sexual orientations.’”


It is apparent that the far left is using various means — both over and covert — to encourage children and their parents to embrace gender fluidity. Not only are they using a massive persuasion campaign to infuse these ideas into American society, in some cases, but they have also used the government to punish those opposing their efforts. In June, Spokane prosecutors attempted to convict a Christian pastor just for trying to pray for children at a Drag Queen Story Hour. 

If we aren’t careful, progressives will continue to dominate the narrative on gender and sexuality. They are actively trying to neutralize the spread of conservative views on this subject, which is why the right needs to keep finding ways to ensure that their narrative is debunked. 


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