PA Governor Renews Threat to Block any Pro-Life Legislation


Some Democratic politicians are willing to go to extreme lengths to defend the snuffing out of innocent lives. After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Kentucky law requiring abortion providers to perform an ultrasound and give its description to the mother of the unborn child, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf took to Twitter to lambast the court’s decision and reiterate his intention to veto any pro-life legislation that makes it to his desk. 


“This violation of personal privacy is offensive and unnecessary,” Wolf tweeted. “If any bill like this lands on my desk in Pennsylvania, it will be met with a swift veto.”

In November, the governor blocked legislation that would have prohibited abortions based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome. It appears he has been taking a page from Iceland’s book when it comes to aborting unborn children with a prenatal diagnosis of the condition.

Wolf also vetoed legislation that would have banned dismemberment abortion in 2017. This procedure, which typically takes place during the second trimester of pregnancy, involves tearing the unborn child’s limbs prior to removing it from the uterus. 


State Rep. Francis Ryan recently proposed a bill that would mandate the burial and cremation of all unclaimed fetal remains — including fertilized eggs. Currently, the law requires that this procedure take place only for unborn children who are aborted after 16-weeks gestation. Ryan explained that his bill is “strictly voluntary,” and designed to give mothers options and to treat the unborn children with dignity. His bill has already passed in the House and is waiting on a Senate vote. The governor has already vowed to veto it. 

The governor’s actions are not unique to him — they are representative of the overall position of the progressive left when it comes to unborn children. But it’s worth asking a simple question: If the Democrats are so confident that their views on abortion are correct, why would they fear mothers seeing an ultrasound of their child before finalizing her decision on whether to abort to keep the child? After all, if they care about the wellbeing of women, wouldn’t they want them to make a fully informed decision? 

Likewise, why would they balk at a law requiring burial and cremation rather than simply disposing of the child as medical waste? What are they afraid of? If they truly believe they have the American public convinced that these children are meaningless clumps of cells, why would they object to a mother voluntarily burying her child? But, I suppose, we already know the answer: They aren’t as confident in their arguments as they would have you believe. 


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