Shut Up. (Please).

That’s the three-word message I have for the folks who are using last night’s massacre at an Aurora, Colorado cineplex as an excuse to fuel their hatred of political opponents, to push pet issues like gun control, or simply to babble stupidly.


This message is applicable to random unhinged tweeters who are calling for the arrest of Rush Limbaugh. It is applicable to those currently declaring  folks who warn against drawing political conclusions to be the real political opportunists. It is applicable to the nutjobs on DemocraticUnderground and elsewhere who are scouring the web for James Holmeses with some connection to the NRA, the GOP, the military, and the Tea Party. It is equally applicable to any on the right using this incident to paint the left with a murderous brush.

It is especially applicable to politicians like Michael Bloomberg, who immediately called for more limits on self-defense rights, and to “objective journalists” like Brian Ross, who apparently Googled “Jim Holmes Aurora Tea Party” (or did some similar scientific, professional-reporter-y trick) in order to find a righty to speculatively connect to this incident on national network television.


Right now, we don’t know motive, political leanings, or any other affiliation of the shooter. We don’t know if he acted alone (though to this point all signs point to yes).

We do know that the alleged shooter is a 24 year old named James Holmes, and that he’s in police custody. We know that he murdered at least 12 people this morning, including a 6 year old. (Thankfully, the 3 month old in attendance is all right. As an aside, what the hell were a 6 year old and 3 month old doing in a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises?).

We’ll know more in time. Until then, do all of us – including yourself – a favor, and Shut Up. (Please).



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