Nancy Pelosi Blames Harvey Weinstein's Problems on Donald Trump

As is often the case with the House Minority Leader, her interpretation of the facts is the opposite of reality. Of the many strange and often ignorant things Nancy Pelosi said on Meet The Press today while protecting her hyper-partisanship and in defense of Representative John Conyers, arguably the most peculiar was her attack on President Trump. She added a new victim to her growing list of people she believes should blame the President for their woes: Harvey Weinstein.


“Harvey [Weinstein] didn’t evoke this. The election of President Trump evoked what happened to Harvey and now everybody is served notice,” Pelosi accused.

Let’s set aside the fact that nobody should be blamed for Weinstein’s problems other than Harvey Weinstein himself. The power he wielded to compensate for his lack of sexual prowess damaged countless women in and out of Hollywood.

Pelosi’s desire to redirect attention away from Conyers, Weinstein, Al Franken, and other Democratic allies by blaming the President is despicable. It wasn’t accusations against then-candidate Trump that brought this to the forefront. It was the brave women who first made their accusations against Weinstein public who opened the floodgates and demonstrated our society is ready to believe their stories. Pelosi’s attack on Trump belittles what these women have done.

Ironically, Pelosi’s unwillingness to credit these women or to blame Weinstein are in direct conflict to the movement she claims to support, let alone to the truth itself.

If anything, the fact that Trump was elected President in spite of the accusations demonstrates the problems we had before the Weinstein accusations. Had Weinstein been outed a year earlier, it’s possible Trump wouldn’t have won the election. Had the floodgates been opened two years earlier, it’s likely Trump wouldn’t have even won the GOP nomination.


The rise of accusations is not a reaction to the President’s victory. It’s a case of courageous women putting themselves out there for scrutiny and abuse. Because their stories were heard and believed, others followed. Because they didn’t get the Bill-Clinton-accuser-treatment, the deluge of accusations began.

Trump didn’t cause this as Pelosi claims. Trump is lucky it all happened after his election just as Bill Clinton is lucky American society’s sensibilities weren’t awakened when his crimes were being reported. For Pelosi to push the narrative that Weinstein’s victims came forward because of Trump is low, even for her.


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