Amazon’s Alexa Is a Digital Social Justice Warrior

Nobody doubts that Jeff Bezos is a liberal who opposes Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and any semblance of a conservative agenda. We normally associate the Washington Post as his venue for spreading his progressive propaganda, but it turns out Alexa, the digital assistant produced and distributed by Amazon, is another way he pushes his agenda.


In a sometimes-crude video by Steven Crowder, the conservative comedian asks Alexa several questions. Topics ranged from Antifa and Black Lives Matter to Muhammad and Jesus Christ. The answers were often editorialized with left-leaning answers. Some were downright insulting.

According to Crowder’s Alexa, Muhammad was “very wise prophet” and Jesus Christ is “a fictional character.” Independent reports couldn’t duplicate these answers, but most of the others were accurate.

Even if the religious implications from the device are made up, the company’s leftist views on history, economic policies, and other political elements should have you fuming. Watch the video with a warning: at times Crowder gets crude, as he is often wont to do.


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