Trump Surrogates Oppose Romney to Justify Their Own Decisions to Sell Out

If Mitt Romney is selected as Secretary of State without being forced to bow before Trump and publicly grovel for his forgiveness, many of Trump’s recent supporters will feel stupid. After all, people like Mike Huckabee, KellyAnne Conway, and the many others who once opposed Trump but were forced to kiss the ring before being granted entry into his inner circle. Why should Romney not have to do the same thing?

Ted Cruz came around. Mark Levin came around. Many in the NeverTrump camp boarded the Trump Train in triumph (and shame) with hopes that they could survive their choice whether he won or lost. Now that he’s won, many feel vindicated. Mitt Romney represents one of the final holdouts (along with Glenn Beck, David French, Steve Deace, and most of the front page writers at RedState) and as such should be annihilated in the eyes of Conway, Huckabee, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, and other earlier sellouts. If he’s rewarded for staying true to his principles, what does that say about those who put their principles aside to help put the GOP in the hands of a liberal populist?

Keep in mind that I don’t personally support Mitt Romney based upon merit. I think he’d be another mediocre Secretary of State, perhaps a few notches higher than John Kerry but not in the same league as Alexander Haig. However, I would love to see him get the nod without apology. If he apologizes and gets the spot, it won’t be quite as sweet, though he’s already out there laying forth praise on his former nemesis. Still, the opportunists who gave in earlier should not be given the satisfaction of knowing that they prevented someone who stayed true to his principles from getting a job just because they don’t want a reminder of their own treachery.

I’ll cut the rant off there. It’s late.

Of the choices remaining, none of them fill me with hope. Rudy Giuliani is so far beyond his prime that I simply don’t think he can meet the demands of the job. Bob Corker is a Democrat. General Petraeus has demonstrated poor decision-making; if we oppose Hillary on those grounds, we should oppose Petraeus for the same reasons. That leaves Romney who may be the only viable pick out of the batch. The fact that his appointment would rankle the Trumppuppets is a bonus.

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