Yes, Silicon Valley is going to double down for the Democrats. Get over it.

There are two conflicting feelings that come over me when I hear stories about extreme liberal bias from companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. First, I feel like fighting it. These are sites that are used and often trusted by the masses to deliver information and therefore they should be unbiased as a general practice. Then, I come to my senses.

As I wrote on the Federalist Party website:

As Federalists, we acknowledge that these are their companies. We are on their websites run by their employees that are reflective of their perspectives. Shaming won’t work. Sticking our head in the sand might actually work a little better, but we won’t do that either. We know social media and emerging technology companies are rife with adversaries to the smaller government mentality. Understanding our adversaries and planning accordingly is the best way to proceed.

Mainstream media is opposed to conservatism as well as the Republican Party (which they often confuse as being one in the same). Leftist blogs have been growing in popularity for years. It should come as no surprise that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are going to be against all variations of right-leaning principles. We should expect the sites we love the most to find their way onto lists.

Why does it hurt so much more when our social media is attacked? The reason is in the feelings that we get from these sites. We’ve made friends, gained a following, and had ugly (and often fun) debates with trolls. Some of us have posted tens, even hundreds of thousands of our thoughts on these sites. When we feel like we have to be careful or risk losing them all, it’s different from addressing mainstream media bias or left-wing blogs. This is our content that we’re putting out there…

…except it isn’t. We’re contributing the content, but it’s theirs. When we signed off on the most common lie on the internet – “I have read the terms and conditions” – we signed over any claims to intellectual property. The thoughts may been ours originally, but once we posted them to Facebook or Twitter, we gave them the right to destroy them at their leisure.

Despite all of the efforts by mainstream media and Silicon Valley, their beloved Democrats suffered a devastating defeat. They learned a false lesson: no amount of bias is too much. They will never learn the two real lessons: (1) The Democratic Party is simply wrong on so many issues, and (2) the media’s attempt to cover for them only exposed their own hypocrisy. As a result of this failure, they will be going all in for 2018, 2020, and the foreseeable future. Instead of becoming less biased, they will double down. Instead of being fair, they will fight even harder to create an unfair advantage.

It will probably work. They will make more blacklists, ban more accounts, and spread more lies in the name of transparency. They will bite, pull hair, and sneak as many weapons as they can into the fighting arena. I’m sure that many Republicans will choose to fight back and play just as dirty, feeling justified the whole time. As for Federalists, we’re simply going to acknowledge that the rules are rigged and continue to fight in spite of this fact. We have the truth and the right message on our side. Nothing can make us disregard our values or character for the sake of winning a rigged fight.

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