Sick of Drudge. Started a Pro-Cruz Version. Wish Me Luck.

Sick of Drudge

There was a time when I would go to the Drudge Report several times every day. I thought I could count on it for conservative news and a little bit of offbeat fodder. Perhaps I was naive. Maybe I was a little blind. Now that it’s a full-blown Trumpgasm initiator and has been for a while, I decided to change one of my sites into a truly conservative version of it.

The funny part is that it wasn’t Drudge that pushed me over the edge. It was the disgusting lack of journalistic standards and editorial decorum demonstrated by Daily Caller. Their attack on RedState was the type that cannot be excused. Trump already has Breitbart and other major publications acting as his trumpet amplifiers. There needs to be more eyes-open conservative voices on the internet to point out the lunacy of a Trump nomination, to highlight the conspiracy that is the John Kasich campaign, and to point to true conservatives like Ted Cruz who need our support.

When the nominating process is complete, I’ll switch it to focusing on conservatives in state and local elections, pointing out more hypocrisy from the left, and promoting the GOP nominee (as long as it’s Cruz). In the meantime, I’ll be pointing to conservative sites like RedState to help voters find the truth through the cacophony of Trump and his mainstream media flunkies.

I have no illusions of competing with Drudge. They get millions of visitors. My site gets thousands. It doesn’t matter. Every bit helps in this strange election cycle.

Wish me luck! Check it out here.

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