Trump and the Creation of the Pseudo Alpha Male

Eddie Murphy’s concert movie, ‘Raw’ featured a bit where he talked about guys that have seen ‘Rocky’ movies and come out of the theater thinking they can beat anybody up. He directed it in part at Italians, but it applies to almost any guy. It was hilarious then and still is very funny. It’s kind of like “beer muscles.” Often, when a guy gets one too many in them, they’re convinced they can kick the crap out of anybody.


Donald Trump has had this effect on many of his male supporters. From the moment he announced his candidacy, Trump started insulting his GOP opponents. As a result, a sizable number of American men who confuse being a jackass with being a tough guy were all agog over the spectacle and jumped on board that train. Mind you, Trump is all sizzle and no steak, and when the chips are down, he whines about being “treated unfairly.” It is the model of the typical bully. They’re the toughest guys around until somebody calls them out and suddenly they’re shouting, “Stop being unfair!”

Many of these Trump supporters (and I don’t mean to lump in the generic Trump voter – I am talking hardcore fans – The Trumpkins) began to emulate Trump at the start of the campaign, and they’ve never let up. It’s hard for me to keep count of how many times I was called a “p*ssy” or a “f*ggot” on Twitter or in a comments section because I didn’t support Cheeto Jesus. As I said, nothing has changed since Trump’s inauguration.

Exhibit A is John Cardillo, a proud Trumper. Cardillo didn’t like that I called out his lack of knowledge on the separation of powers and decided to record a video to talk about it. It’s about 11 minutes long, but you only have to watch 2-3 minutes because the rest of it is pretty much a repeat of the same drivel of that first 2 minutes. In it, Cardillo, pretending to be the alpha male, first whines that I “attacked” him on Twitter. Like Trump, he said something dumb, got called on it and then complains people are “unfair.” Senator John McCain stated in an interview, “We don’t take orders from Trump.” McCain merely reminded President Trump that he is not the boss and that Congress is a co-equal branch of government. This got Cardillo’s panties in a wad, and so he responded by saying something stupid about McCain.


In the video, Cardillo takes a page from the Trump playbook and goes off on me, Ben Howe, National Review, Bill Kristol, Leon Wolf, Stephen Hayes, Jonah Goldberg, and Rick Wilson. Peppered throughout the video, Cardillo refers to us as morons, bitches, pussies, losers, betas, failures, gutless and more. He questions our manhood. He claims to have been a ladies man when he was in high school. He mocks our appearances on CNN (I guess we all can’t be winners like him and appear on Turkish News and two-bit outfits like Canada’s Rebel Media) and says our careers are “failing.” (Sound familiar?) Meanwhile, he’s relegated to making Periscope videos, tweeting and pining for President Trump to retweet him when the rest of us are doing actual work. He also questions our relevance — for eleven minutes. I’ve never spoken for more than 30 seconds about somebody I believed to be irrelevant but to each his own, right?

The best part is when he says we didn’t support Donald Trump because he’s mean. All that proves is John cannot read because many of us have given concrete reasons to oppose Trump. That he’s a classless jerk is just a symptom of his condition, not anything having to do with our lack of support. I don’t support him because he’s a fake who only latched on to conservatism as an opportunity, not because he believes it. It’s the reason he can’t articulate policy. Because he doesn’t care. He has no ideological core. For people like Cardillo to claim Trump is a conservative is absurd. But they do it anyway because they need to convince themselves their sycophancy is based on something real. It’s not.


Cardillo also talks a lot about all the “winning” he does. He thinks Trump, who clinched the magic number of delegates in the GOP primary with 37% of the vote won yuge. Cardillo yelps about the winning but apparently forgot he backed Kelli Ward against John McCain. McCain won by 20 points. He backed Paul Nehlen over Paul Ryan. Ryan won by 68 points.

I suffered through the entire video. Throughout the whole spectacle, outside of the faux-tough pseudo-male name-calling, John didn’t make a single argument or offer a coherent defense of Donald Trump. That is the bottom line when it comes to the hard-core Trumpers like Cardillo. He doesn’t stand alone. They’re all like him. They cannot make an argument. They cannot persuade. They cannot make a case for Donald Trump. So they deflect.

They are convinced they are “winning” when Trump’s job approval is in the gutter. Trumper candidates and Trump backed candidates are in fact, losing. Trump has no knowledge or interest in policy, and it is why he hasn’t signed a single significant piece of legislation, and he’s two-thirds of the way through his first year in office. He’s lost the bulk of the staff he started with when inaugurated. His cabinet secretaries are openly rebuking him. For a guy who said he could make deals nobody else could make, he’s alienated any of the allies he needs to get those supposed deals done.


I asked questions the other day on Twitter: Where is all the winning we were promised? What is Trump winning? I have plenty of followers who support Trump, and nobody could provide a coherent answer beyond nonsense like, “He’s preventing Democrats from ruining the country.”

The reality is people like John Cardillo and others like him can’t accept they are not winning. He promised he has some new venture starting up where he and his cohorts are going to “come after” RedState, National Review, The Weekly Standard and others. The likelihood that they do so with an intelligent, well-thought-out, reasonable, coherent argument is laughable.

But I guarantee they’ll be calling us “bitches” and snickering about it like the school children they are.




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