Watch Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo's Inspiring Words About A Fallen Police Officer

Officer Perez
The loss of life due to Hurricane Harvey is heartbreaking. When we lose a law enforcement officer, there is that much more of a sting because we know they put themselves in the middle of danger. While most of us are taught to retreat in the face of danger, first responders and law enforcement officers run towards it.


Police officer Steve Perez could have stayed home when Hurricane Harvey struck. But he didn’t. At 4:00 a.m. Perez left his house like he always did. It was one of those days the spouse of a police officer fears the most: that he/she will not come home that day.

Steve Perez, 60, never made it into work that day and he never made it back to his house.

Below is a video of Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo talking about what Perez did and how he perished. It’s a heart-wrenching clip but it’s obvious that Acevedo thinks highly of all his officers and this one hurt:

Rest in peace, Officer Perez.


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