Ted Cruz on Obamacare Repeal: Failure Is Not an Option (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz is right. The Republican Party promised to repeal Obamacare from the moment President Obama signed it. They’ve promised it time and time again. Now that Hillary Clinton is not President and the GOP controls Congress, the time has come to make good on that pledge.


Naturally, politicians looking more towards their re-election prospects as opposed to what they told constituents they’d do, some are changing their tune on repeal. Senator Ted Cruz, argues that’s not an option:

“In my view, failure is not an option. For seven years, Republicans have campaigned that we’d repeal the disaster that is Obamacare. We’ve gotta deliver on that promise and I think we can.”

As for what repeal looks like, there are differing points of view. Some people are saying repeal is not viable since it will require the 60 vote threshold to overcome and that is not possible with the current Senate makeup:

There’s one more reason we’re in fantasyland here talking about repealing Obamacare: Republicans procedurally can’t fully repeal it.

If they try, Democrats will filibuster any repeal effort by requiring 60 votes to move forward, and Republicans only have 52 members.

Republicans have been ducking that scenario by changing only the health-care policy that affects the federal budget. They can do this under a little-known process called reconciliation that requires a majority votes to pass (not 60).

But working under reconciliation means it’s an open question if lawmakers can actually undo the biggest parts of Obamacare, like the requirement everyone get insurance and the requirement insurers accept people with preexisting conditions.


I asked Sean Davis of The Federalist and a former staffer for Tom Coburn, and he said, “Full repeal is absolutely possible under reconciliation.” 

How this all comes about remains to be seen. The question is, do Republicans want to take the chance of not getting anything done? Cruz is right about the GOP promises to repeal.

Will they follow through? We shall see.



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