BREAKING: Trump Lashes out at Jeff Sessions for Recusing Himself (AUDIO)

Disloyalty, it seems, knows no bounds with Donald Trump. Anything that happens which causes him to look bad is grounds for being tossed under the Trump Bus. The latest victim? Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


Trump knows Sessions’ recusing himself led to the appointment of Robert Mueller. Now, Mueller with his prosecutorial power and not being tied down to Trump has the president nervous. Naturally, he’s going to look for scapegoats. He found one in Sessions. Listen to President Trump describe it:

Of course, President Trump acts as though Sessions recused himself the moment he was confirmed. Sessions recused himself nearly a month after his confirmation. It’s a sure thing Sessions didn’t think he’d have to recuse himself when he first accepted Trump’s offer.

Notice too, the language Trump uses. Once again, the supposedly tough guy alpha-male complained twice in a minute about Sessions’ decision to recuse himself as “very unfair.”

He also had this to say about his newly revealed conversation with Vladimir Putin:

Describing a newly disclosed informal conversation he had with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia during a dinner of world leaders in Germany earlier this month, Mr. Trump said they talked for about 15 minutes, mostly about “pleasantries.” But Mr. Trump did say that they talked “about adoptions.”

Adoptions. Does anybody buy that nonsense?


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