From "Drain the swamp!" to "That's politics!" for President Trump

When asked why people supported Donald Trump over other GOP contenders during the primary, one of the answers was almost always, “He’s not a politician.” Donald Trump was different because he wasn’t beholden to anybody. It would not be politics as usual with Donald Trump.


Then came the phrase, “Drain the swamp.” Donald Trump managed to sell his supporters on the notion that he was different. He wasn’t going to be the same, inside-the-beltway politician that others were going to be.

The meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Russian nationals, hoping to secure damaging information to Hillary Clinton campaign is revealing in several ways. I wrote about the absurd conspiracy theory Trump supporters have embraced to make it seem like the entire episode was a concoction created by Democrats. To put it all in context, here is what President Trump tweeted this morning:

The narrative is one that keeps shifting. First, Trump and others around him promised for months that no meetings took place between anybody associated with the Trump campaign and Russian officials or anybody from Russia in 2015 or 2016.

That was not true. Once that balloon popped, Team Trump started saying, “Ok, but what happened is entirely legal!” I am not a lawyer, but I tend to agree with Jonathan Turley that Trump Jr. broke no laws. It was, however, sleazy to take the meeting at all. The Russians may not have ties to the Kremlin, but Trump Jr. thought they did and he didn’t care. They had dirt on Hillary, and that’s why he met with them.


The narrative is shifting again. With Trump tweeting what he did, he’s saying, “This is no problem! It’s just politics!” What’s worse is watching a bunch of people excusing what Trump did and buying into his “It’s just politics” excuse.

Does anybody remember his pledge to do away with the kind of politics we’ve gotten used to invading our homes every few years? Now he doesn’t care that his son met with someone who he thought was working for the Russian government?

Trump’s “I’m not a politician” ruse turns out to have been just another one of his cons. He has no intention of draining the swamp. He just wants to fill it with creatures he’s comfortable to have swimming around.



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