If The Trump Video Is Dangerous, So Too Is 'You Want People To Die' Rhetoric From Democrats

Talk is cheap in politics. In the last 24 hours, people have debated the intent of a tweet from President Trump. The video, a clip of Trump engaging in a fake brawl with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon caused a stir when somebody superimposed the CNN logo over McMahon’s head. There was a debate over whether or not the tweet incited violence towards journalists, considering Trump’s obsession with calling nearly every news outlet outside of Fox News, “fake news.”


I argued the video does not incite violence, but instead, Trump’s obsession with petty grievances keeps him from focusing on more important issues.

However, nobody questions whether or not the Democrats language reaches that level. When Democrats say Republicans “want people to die” if they support the current health care bill under debate in the Senate. Senator Elizabeth Warren called the bill “blood money” and said, “They are paying for tax cuts with American lives.”

That is an astounding statement and one that received little media attention. Unpack her statement and apply it to a fellow Senator directly. “Senator McConnell wants that person there to die so his friend over there can pay less in taxes.” 

While not agreeing to a direct correlation, people said watching Trump’s video could lead somebody to believe it’s fair to beat up a journalist. Isn’t it then fair to say someone could attack a Republican thinking they’re saving the life of another person?

If not, why not? 

James Hodgkinson, a left-wing activist, and Bernie Sanders supporter opened fired on a Republican baseball practice. It’s not fair to blame Sanders directly. But isn’t fair to surmise Hodgkinson felt justified doing what he did considering the Republican Party “wants people to die?” Isn’t it possible for him to think he was saving somebody? Similar to the man who opened fire in the pizza parlor thinking there as a child-sex ring at the location?


Watch the following video. It perfectly encapsulates how absurd the Democrats “you want people to die” rhetoric is and why people should reject it.


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