Bernie and Jane Sanders Under FBI Investigation For Bank Fraud

Bernie Sanders plays up his support for the “little guy” more than any politician alive. The Vermont socialist who wants to give everybody in the United States everything for “free” without detailing how he’d pay for it, may be in trouble for using his authority to strong-arm a bank into providing a loan to some somebody not qualified to receive it.


From CBS:

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and his wife, Jane Sanders have hired prominent defense attorneys amid an FBI investigation into a loan Jane Sanders obtained to expand Burlington College while she was its president, CBS News confirms.

Politico Magazine first reported the Sanders had hired lawyers to defend them in the probe. Sanders’ top adviser Jeff Weaver told CBS News the couple has sought legal protection over federal agents’ allegations from a January 2016 complaint accusing then-President of Burlington College, Ms. Sanders, of distorting donor levels in a 2010 loan application for $10 million from People’s United Bank to purchase 33 acres of land for the institution.

According to Politico, prosecutors might also be looking into allegations that Sen. Sanders’ office inappropriately urged the bank to approve the loan.

Burlington attorney and Sanders supporter Rich Cassidy has reportedly been hired to represent Sen. Sanders. And high-profile Washington defense attorney Larry Robbins, who counseled Libby “Scooter” Robbins, former Chief of Staff for the Vice President, is protecting Jane Sanders.


Joe wrote of this when it first broke citing Sanders dismissal of it as nothing more than an exercise in partisanship. Apparently the F.B.I. doesn’t think so.

Distorting donor levels and using the power of a Senator’s office to secure a $10 million loan, certainly doesn’t sound something a “man of the people” would do.

Heck, it looks like something Donald Trump would do. We all know how Bernie would react if that were the case.


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