Trump Tapes: His Twitter Buffoonery Gets Him in Trouble and for What?

Trump implied he had tapes of his and James Comey’s conversations and the hilarious narrative making the rounds is he did it on purpose. The only people buying that line are sycophants and reflexive defenders who do so because Democrats suck and the media is terrible.


Trump isn’t that clever. He’s impulsive, impetuous and has thinner skin than his predecessor. That people take the result and try to work a Memento narrative to where the start is part of some brilliant scheme on Trump’s part is about as credible as an email from a Nigerian barrister informing of the riches that await if only they could have your bank account information.

Here is Trump’s tweet that got the ball rolling:

Trump, feeding off the narrative of his supporters said in an interview with Fox News he was just trying to keep Comey honest before his testimony which is laughable. For all of the blather that Trump was again playing a form of chess and had all the right moves, why did he deny two of the allegations raised by Comey in his testimony?

Trump denied he ever asked Comey about an oath of loyalty. It was true. 

Trump denied he ever asked Comey to back of the investigation of Michael Flynn. It was true. 

If Trump was being the cunning schemer people are suggesting, why would he deny allegations he knew to be true and would come out in Comey’s testimony?

I get that people want to think the best of Trump, believing he has a plastic mustache he puts on his face to twist as he leaves a trail of enemy destruction behind him, but it’s just absurd, especially when I see intelligent people buying into all of it. Trump’s lack of impulse control gets him into trouble. It is not tactical.


It just isn’t normal for a President to be so consumed with the petty issues on a daily basis, but he is. People keep pointing the finger at the media for a Russia “obsession” but it is the President who cannot stop tweeting about it. Instead of allowing the official statement about the appointment of Robert Mueller stand after his appointment as special counsel, Trump couldn’t help himself. The next morning, Trump tweeted it was all a “witch hunt.”

Time is growing short. The question isn’t if Trump will say something negative about Robert Mueller on Twitter. The question is how long can he hold out?

When it happens, we’ll be right back to the same debate.



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