Elizabeth Warren Irresponsibly Tweets the Senate Healthcare Bill Is "Blood Money"

Steve Scalise is still in the hospital, recovering from gunshot wounds suffered after an angry Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on the Republican baseball practice.

In the wake of that shooting, the media in their infinite wisdom resurrected talk of political rhetoric, how dangerous it is and how it contributed to the shooting of Gabby Giffords in 2011. Except, of course, it did not. Giffords’ shooting had nothing at all to do with political rhetoric, but the media and others were happy to use the Scalise incident to wag a finger at “both sides” and warn of the consequences.

I cannot wait to see the reaction to this tweet by Senator Elizabeth Warren:

Maybe Senator Warren’s social media interns are too young and therefore too ignorant to understand what the phrase “blood money” means. Typically, it means a payment of some sort made to the next of kin of a murder victim or money paid to a hired killer.

What a United States Senator is saying in this tweet is, “The Republican health care bill is going to kill people and the money saved will be used to fund tax cuts for the Republican’s wealthy friends.”

Isn’t this irresponsible? Whenever one talks about actions of one causing harm to another, are there not people out there who think they have a responsibility to step in and do something?

If not, why not? Elizabeth Warren is saying the GOP will kill people with their health care plan. The price of tax cuts for “the wealthy” will be paid for by the blood of those who die as a result of this bill becoming law.

Right? Isn’t that what’s she saying? If not, what is she saying?

And will she defend it?


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