Trump Job Approval at 36 Percent and Here's Why He's to Blame

Donald Trump and Republicans exhibit weakness when they blame the media and Democrats for their problems. Trump never takes responsibility for his problems. Unfortunately for him, the public doesn’t want to hear his whining, and they’re expressing it in job approval numbers that parallel George W. Bush towards the end of his presidency.


A new CBS poll came out today, and Trump’s support is at the lowest point since he took office in January:

President Trump’s job approval rating has dipped in recent weeks, pushed down by negative reaction to his handling of the Russia investigations, and he’s seen some slippage among Republicans as well. A third of Americans say his approach to the issue has made their opinion of him worse, and his handling of that matter gets lower marks than any of his others, like the economy or terrorism, for which he rates higher.

Americans of all stripes do seem inclined to want to get to the bottom of things: most believe that the Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation will be impartial, and that the president should not do anything to try to stop it — a view that also runs across partisan lines.

It is easy for people to blame others as Senator Ted Cruz did this morning on Fox and Friends.:

This is all a political circus at this point. Democrats, and much of the liberal media are using this as an an excuse just to attack the president. They want this president to fail, they want the administration to fail. That is really unfortunate.

Spare me, Senator.

Let’s retake a step in time to try and gain an understanding of where we are and why we are here:


Who was it that hired Paul Manafort and used Carter Page as an advisor despite their ties to Russia that could prove to be problematic?

Who was it that shouted at campaign stops, “I love Wikileaks!” and would then read from hacked emails? Emails everybody in the IC knows got to Wikileaks via Russian hackers?

Who steadfastly refused to acknowledge that Russia tried to interfere with our election process even after being shown a report from the DNI stating the NSA, CIA, and FBI all believed Russia sought to interfere and that their preference in the election was one Donald J. Trump?

Who had to be dragged kicking and screaming to acknowledge what the intelligence community concluded?

Who was it that brought in Michael Flynn as his National Security Adviser, knowing he was already under investigation by the FBI?

Who was it that chose an Attorney General who had to recuse himself from any involvement in the inquiry because of his contact with the Russian ambassador during the campaign?

Who was it that tweeted nonsense about President Obama tapping his phones in Trump Tower before the election?

Who was it that asked his FBI director for an oath of loyalty?

Who was it that asked his FBI director to back to off the investigation of Michael Flynn?

Who was it that kept behaving as though the FBI director was supposed to be his PR person?


Who was it that fired James Comey, claiming he did it on the advice of Rod Rosenstein, and then changed his mind saying he did it all on his own?

Who undermined his own Deputy Attorney General to the point he had no choice but to appoint a Special Counsel?

Who was it the day after Robert Mueller was named who took to Twitter and called the investigation a witch hunt?

Who is it that continually calls the Russian interference into our election a “made up story” and a “hoax” perpetrated by Democrats despite acknowledging the intelligence community’s report that Russia did indeed attempt to interfere?

The answer to every single one of these questions is, of course, President Donald Trump.

In the same CBS poll, Trump’s approval on the Russia investigation is 28 percent. Does anybody for a second think it’s entirely the fault of the “liberal media” and the Democrats for this putrid number?

When asked who people trust more:

The President disputed former FBI Director James Comey’s account of their private meetings, and who Americans believe is driven by partisanship. Overall, most Americans (57 percent) believe Comey more. Most Republicans (64 percent) believe the president — though a quarter do not — while Democrats (84 percent) and Independents (55 percent) believe Comey.


25 percent of Republicans believe Comey is more trustworthy than Trump. Again, the liberal media? Democrats?

The president’s problems are of his making because he cannot allow any slight, no matter how minor, to go unaddressed. Whereas Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton let staff and a communications team handle the usual nonsense related to presidential administrations, Trump can’t stop tweeting when he thinks he’s been wronged. The former three got things done because they didn’t sweat the small stuff. Donald Trump consumes his presidency with the little things.

His impetuous nature, along with being the most thin-skinned man alive and an inability to tell the truth, is the reason he’s below 40 percent in job approval polls.



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