Former DNC Data Chief Slams Hillary Clinton: You're Not Throwing Me Under the Bus

You may not know the name, Andrew Therriault, but you will. He’s the former Director of Data Science at the Democratic National Committee, having worked there from 2014-2016. Naturally, he was involved with putting together models aimed at helping Hillary Clinton win.


Naturally, she didn’t, and in yet another case of Clinton blaming others for her loss, she targeted the DNC specifically:

Perhaps Clinton’s most fresh and savage criticism on Wednesday was directed at the Democratic National Committee. She went as far as to say that when she became her party’s presidential nominee, she inherited “nothing” from the committee.

“I’m now the nominee of the Democratic Party. I inherit nothing from the Democratic Party,” Clinton said. “It was bankrupt, it was on the verge of insolvency, its data was mediocre to poor, non-existent, wrong. I had to inject money into it — the DNC — to keep it going.”

Note what she says about the data. I don’t think Hillary can distinguish between a data model and a model airplane, but her goal is to make sure she has more than one scapegoat outside of Russia and James Comey.

Hillary’s words didn’t sit well with Mr. Therriault who heard the news and tweeted:


What is more interesting are the two tweets that he deleted. The one I suspect he removed because he didn’t want to give too much away and the other, misconstrued based on a word he used.

Note the tweet about MI/WI/PA – the three states Hillary lost that cost her the election. He’s saying their data had her behind and her campaign team didn’t bother.

As for the “laundering,” he’s not talking about it the way you think. I’ll let Liam Donovan explain:

Unfortunately, like Donovan also says, the fever swamps will pick up on the “laundering” comment and use it to advance a crazy agenda while ignoring the importance of Therriault’s comments about Hillary. Somebody yelled at him that Bernie Sanders would have won and he “knows it.” His response:


I don’t know what she was thinking. Sooner or later somebody was going to say, “Enough is enough,” and push back. Having worked with data guys for years putting together data models and using it for analytics (critical in a supply chain environment), I can tell you, one thing they do not take kindly to is accusations their data is no good.

I suspect we have not heard the last from Mr. Therriault about the DNC’s data.



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