Like With Hillary Clinton, Jim Comey Is Not to Blame for Donald Trump's Problems

James Comey did his job for nearly three years so far under the radar, the likelihood most people knew his name before his July 5, 2016, statement about Hillary Clinton is small. Comey’s decision to recommend not charging Hillary Clinton with a crime infuriated some conservatives. Hillary Clinton supporters didn’t like Comey publicly rebuking her.


Then came the infamous ‘Comey letter’ at the end of October in 2016. The very letter Hillary Clinton says was responsible for her loss to Donald Trump. The accusation is hogwash, but I suppose it makes Hillary and her supporters feel better.

Ironically, Comey is now a convenient scapegoat for President Donald Trump and his supporters and defenders. Donald Trump didn’t have an issue with James Comey until the latter confirmed in March there was indeed an investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election and whether or not any members of Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russian officials and to determine if any crimes were committed.

Two months later, Trump fired Comey. Trump’s initial reason for terminating Comey turned out to be bogus, and the public learned in his interview with Lester Holt the reason Trump fired Comey was because he thought it would speed up the Russia investigation.

Ironically, Trump supporters are calling the FBI investigation a “conspiracy” and claiming anybody not showing direct fealty to President Trump is behaving “hysterically” for wanting the investigation to play out in an orderly manner. There is chaos in all of this, but the blame lies precisely with Donald Trump. Not James Comey. To make the case Comey is attempting to bring down the Trump administration is to believe Comey is a devious mastermind who can help Trump win the President election, only to see him removed from office before finishing his first year in office. The bottom line is, Trump’s troubles are of his making, similar to Hillary’s campaign problems.


Here’s a bullet list of Trump’s issues:

  • Trump made the decision to surround his campaign with people having ties to the Kremlin including Paul Manafort and Carter Page.
  • Trump complains all the time about leaks, but it was he who used leaked DNC emails from Wikileaks (Remember when Trump said, “I love Wikileaks!” on the campaign trail?)  whenever it suited him politically.
  • Trump denied time and time again Russia’s attempts to interfere with the election even after he won and the intelligence community presented Trump with evidence of Russia’s efforts
  • Trump decided to wake up early on a Saturday morning in March and accuse President Obama of wiretapping his phones in Trump Tower
  • Trump attempted to turn Comey into a member of “the team” instead of understanding the FBI Director’s independence
  • Trump runs around saying the Russian connection to his campaign is “made up” or a “hoax” despite the existence of an ongoing FBI investigation.

This is not to say that Comey’s hands are entirely clean. But this idea that Comey is trying to “take down” President Trump is absurd. The notion that Comey lied under oath in his testimony before Congress as it relates to his memo accusing Trump of a wink/nod maneuver over the Michael Flynn investigation is being pushed by the following:


The irony of Bill Mitchell calling Benjamin Wittes an “idiot” is too generous.

As for the other two……well, that speaks for itself.

Trump’s problems are his problem. Not James Comey’s



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