Was Jared Kushner Behind the Firing of James Comey?

When Donald Trump fired James Comey, he released the termination letter where it said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein recommended based on Comey’s handling of the Clinton email case.

Two days later we learned that wasn’t true. Trump planned to fire Comey regardless of Rosenstein’s recommendation.

There are reports now that James Comey’s firing was Jared Kusner’s idea and that he pushed it:

Best to take this with a grain of salt for obvious reasons. Assuming for a moment the story is true, forget about Kushner’s role. What’s more illuminating is the fact Trump wasn’t aware of the firestorm Comey’s termination would bring about.

There is zero chance such a move would not be scrutinized, especially given the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation that includes whether or not Trump campaign people colluded with Russian officials.

Trump can talk about “draining the swamp” all he wants, but it’s better to have some people around who know how that town works to offer counsel about major moves such as firing the head of the FBI.

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