Democrats Keep Getting Caught Telling Big Lies About AHCA

The media world is focused heavily on Donald Trump and James Comey, but it doesn’t mean other things aren’t going on.

With the passage of the AHCA in the House of Representatives, the Democrats are ramping up on the scare tactics as well as the lies to make their case for the bill to fail. They are hoping their histrionics will scare Senate Republicans into cutting the bill back to the point it has no teeth.


They’re not just scaring people. The Democrats are doing it with lies, and they’re not white lies but flat-out whoppers that don’t pass the sniff test at the Washington Post and Politifact.

Here are some:

Kamala D. Harris’s claim that 129 million people with preexisting conditions ‘could be denied coverage’

Washington Post Fact-Checker: Four Pinocchios

Despite critics’ claims, the GOP health bill doesn’t classify rape or sexual assault as a preexisting condition

Washington Post Fact-Checker: Four Pinocchios

Schumer…wrong to say ‘the bill goes back to the day when insurance companies could deny coverage to those with preexisting conditions.’ Schumer lied

Representative Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, said the Affordable Care Act insured 17 million children with pre-existing conditions. “This is misleading. Ms. Pelosi’s office cited a 2011 Department of Health and Human Services report, but the 17 million figure is the upper limit of the department’s estimates. The report’s lower figure, four million, is a fraction of that, and most of those children already had coverage before the Affordable Care Act.”


NY Times: Pelosi lied. 

These lies will continue to repeat. It is up to these organizations and the alternative media to push back against the lies. The lies will ramp up as will the hysteria.


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