5 Reasons Trump's Firing of Comey Was a Terrible Idea

It’s a decision that sent shockwaves across Washington D.C. and the media. President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey is an event nobody saw coming. The aftermath will take some time to sort out, but there is nothing good that can come from what happened.


Trump created a mess with this firing even if he manages to articulate reasons for it beyond the tired excuse that it was over Comey’s abysmal handling of the Clinton case forever ago. Now, contrary to the lamentations of Hollywood morons, firing Comey is not an impeachable offense, so anybody who thinks that will happen is living in a fantasy world. President Trump was well within his rights to take action. But the political implications are another matter. Here are five reasons why it was an awful decision:

1. The timing – Of course this is bad. The FBI is currently investigating Russia’s role in the 2016 election, and whether or not Trump campaign staff were colluding with Russian agents. The mere appearance of impropriety makes the decision come off as political.

2. The GOP can’t play ball – If Trump believes he is going to get the FBI Director of his choice, he’s got another thing coming. Republican Senators are not going to allow anybody to take over. Trump will have to appoint a person that could very well be more dogmatic when he/she takes over the investigations.

3. It gives Democrats secure use of the ‘C’ word – That word is corruption or corrupt. Many people think the GOP lost control of Congress in 2006 because of the Iraq War. The reality is Republicans lost because of the “culture of corruption” surrounding the GOP with scandals such as those involving Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay (who was later exonerated) and Mark Foley all contributing to a depressed GOP turnout. The same thing could happen again in 2018.


4. It’s a sign of weakness – Trumpers can blather about Trump “draining the swamp” all they want, but somebody in a position of strength doesn’t pull a move like this. Someone in a position of strength lets the chips fall where they may and deals with whatever consequences result. Trump’s termination of Comey makes him look afraid of what Comey was going to do.

5. The media onslaught is going to be unlike anything we’ve seen in a long time – Donald Trump will attempt to defend this action via Twitter. Bank on it. He’ll scream “Fake news!” at every opportunity because the media is not going to let up, nor should they. The fact this took place hours before the media reported the Justice Department issued subpoenas to private business associates of Michael Flynn stinks to high heaven.

The President stepped in it with this move. It’s not 59-dimensional chess. It’s not draining the swamp. It’s a politically calculated move that will likely blow up in his face.

Your move, Mr. President. 



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