Sean Spicer Makes Hitler Reference, Gets Bailed out; Still Screws It up

Everybody in Washington DC knows you don’t make references to Hitler unless you have a good reason to do so. More often than not, there isn’t a good reason. So when it happens, it is cringeworthy.


Sean Spicer was one of those as he continues to make his mark as the worst White Hous Press Secretary of all time. Watch this:

That’s bad. But what’s good for Spicer (the press secretary!) is that he was given a chance by the very media he bashes on a daily basis to let him clarify his Hitler remarks. I am not positive, but I think this is ABC News’ Cecilia Vega following up with Spicer:

Not good Sean. You still screwed it up. Hitler gassed millions of people. That he didn’t drop chemical weapons into the middle of Berlin is irrelevant.

Advice: Don’t compare anybody to Hitler. Ever. 

This lesson is free. I am sending an invoice for the next one.


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