No, It Is Not Necessary for Congress to Hold Hearings About United Airlines

A high profile PR disaster takes place and somebody in Congress wants to have hearings about it. Nobody is better at capitalizing on big news, especially if there is any Kevin Bacon style connection to the subject, than politicians.


Sure enough, the United Airlines incident is lighting a fuse with Democrats, who are starting to flap their gums over the incident:

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.), a senior member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, is calling for a hearing the forceful removal of a United Airlines passenger from an overbooked flight.

“I deplore the violent removal of a passenger from a United Airlines flight this weekend,” Norton said in a statement Monday. “Airline passengers must have protections against such abusive treatment.

“I am asking our committee for a hearing, which will allow us to question airport police, United Airlines personnel, and airport officials, among others, about whether appropriate procedures were in place in Chicago and are in place across the United States when passengers are asked to leave a flight,” she continued.

Others weighed in:


Well, I feel better now that Sheila Jackson-Lee is awaiting all the facts.

Leave it to a Democrat to make it about “rights.”

Congress should stay out of it. They’ll just make things worse, seeking to impose some new laws about overbooking in advance or airline policies about removing passengers, leading to only two things:

  1. Higher prices for consumers
  2. No improvement in customer service

We’re all better off if the government stays out of it.


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