Trump Goes on a Monday Morning Tweet Rampage

Somebody remarked on Twitter that Twitter is “the nation’s baby monitor.” It certainly seems that way when the President takes to Twitter and starts ranting.


He did this morning with a variety of unhinged tweets:

The man has access to every secret the United States has. He can direct the intelligence community to show him all of the reports, data, and evidence that he can use to nail anybody in the Obama administration for breaking the law. Instead, he watches TV and praises ‘Fox and Friends’ for their “reporting.” Good grief.

Noah Rothman of Commentary was paying attention and tweeted the following in response to this blather:


Gee? President Trump tweeting nonsense? That never happens!

It’s not ‘Trivial Pursuit’ Mr. President. There were no “answers” provided to Hillary for the “debate” (Lord knows what debate to which you’re referring). In one case, a possible question for one of the debates was provided to the Hillary campaign by Donna Brazille but according to this piece, Hillary still screwed it up.

North Korea is trying to develop nuclear weapons and the leader of the free world is tweeting about Hillary Clinton.


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