Weird: Trump Bolts the Oval Office Before Signing Executive Orders

If there is one thing President Trump enjoys, it’s showing off the executive orders he signs. During each ceremony, Trump turns the executive orders towards the cameras, proudly displaying them.


However in an odd turn of events yesterday, during a signing ceremony, Trump bolted the Oval Office after making brief remarks. The orders deal with what the Trump administration sees as abuse of trade with US trading partners:

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and National Trade Council Director Peter Navarro said the Trump administration will produce a sweeping report on the cause of U.S. trade deficits as well as plans to improve trade enforcement and the collection of billions in import taxes as part of the effort to bolster U.S. manufacturing.

Commerce and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative will take 90 days in a collaborative effort to produce a large-scale report that will identify contributing factors to the deficit with major U.S. trading partners and whether they are cheating to gain an edge.

Vice President Mike Pence spoke briefly and then turned it over to President Trump. Watch what happens:


Things got a tad awkward fast as you see people’s faces and they’re thinking, “Where is he going?” Vice President Pence ran to try and bring him back, but Trump gestured he’d sign them elsewhere at which point Pence went scrambling over to the President’s desk to retrieve the folders with the executive orders.

The moment Trump says “Thank you very much,” CBS White House Correspondent Major Garrett can be heard asking Donald Trump about Michael Flynn.

Was that the reason Trump didn’t want to stick around? It’s difficult to tell. It’s easy to see that nobody expected him just to leave and so maybe it can be chalked up as another episode of, “Strange Moments At The Trump White House.”


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