CNN Political Director: Trump 'looked like a third-grader' in Carlson Interview (VIDEO)

It wasn’t only me who thought President Trump looked ridiculous in his interview with Tucker Carlson. As I wrote, Carlson looked to give Trump an out and say he was wrong, but instead, the President went to absurd lengths to try and said he was talking about different kinds of surveillance despite tweeting specifically about his phone being tapped.

David Chalian, the CNN political director, was on with Wolf Blitzer yesterday, and he pulled no punches when talking about President Trump.


“Yesterday on Fox he was still trying to worm his way out of the lie about wiretapping on that word. Saying you’re going to see in next couple weeks — something’s gonna come out — saying surveillance more broadly. They say no!”

“The president looked like a third-grader in that interview yesterday trying to squirm out of a lie.”

Pretty soon people are going to have to start tweeting #TrumpPersisted whenever he says something false or stupid but refuses to acknowledge he’s wrong.

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