Garbage Hot Take In The New York Times Reveals Much About Some Journalists

When the FBI announced they had made an arrest in connection with threats being made to Jewish Community Centers across the country, people were shocked to learn it was not a Trump supporter. It was in fact, an anti-Trump clown who was fired from The Intercept for fabricating quotes and sources.


Granted, when this news came out, some conservative outlets let the mainstream media have it and why not? Once the reports of these threats started getting reported, what happened? The threats were tied to Trump, naturally. Look at this headline from the NY Times on February 28:

Threats and Vandalism Leave American Jews on Edge in Trump Era

This is par for the course. Any time it is determined a radical Muslim committed a terrorist attack on the United States, the media starts clutching at pearls about the “potential backlash.” Every news report of a hate crime is treated as fact instead of skepticism. Elizabeth Nolan Brown of Reason tweeted this several days ago:

I’d be interested in seeing the research on that.

So what does the NY Times decide to do in the face of all of this nonsense? They publish this:

Fate seems to have dropped a giant gift on the doorsteps of right-wing pundits and Twitter activists. Last Friday, the F.B.I. announced the arrest of a suspect in a series of bomb threats aimed at Jewish Community Centers and other Jewish organizations across the country, and he wasn’t some Trump-loving white supremacist with a history of violence and a racist manifesto in tow. No, he was a man of the left, a reporter fired from the left-leaning website The Intercept for fabricating quotes and sources.


See? The question is not, “When will the media examine their propensity to believe the worst about Republicans?” but rather, “See how this became a gift for those damned right-wingers???” 

When people are pointing the finger at you every day for these things, there very well may be a smug reaction from conservative pundits. Isn’t that to be expected? It’s certainly not, however, the defining issue surrounding such stories. It has far more to do with the media going along with the narrative because so many reporters are conditioned to go along with accusations put forth by Democrats.



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