Former CIA Director Michael Hayden Challenges President Trump On Wiretapping Allegation

Michael Hayden was on Fox and Friends on Monday and was asked what he thought about Donald Trump’s wiretapping allegations.

When first asked if he thought Trump was right about the wiretapping, Hayden said, “My first instinct is….no.” Then he goes on to challenge the President:


Hayden is not the first person to say President Trump can use his authority to declassify the information and release it to the public if it is true.

Of course, if there’s nothing to release, the President winds up looking ridiculous. However, given the track record of the Obama administration’s use of government bureaucracy as a weapon against the press (AP, James Rosen) and conservative groups (IRS), it’s plausible phones were tapped in Trump Tower. So why not declassify and release?

Because it probably is not true.


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