BREAKING: Ryan Zinke Confirmed By Senate as Trump's Interior Secretary

Ryan Zinke of Montana has been confirmed by the United States Senate to be President Trump’s Interior Secretary.

From CNN:

The Senate voted to confirm Wednesday Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke to lead the Department of the Interior.

The vote was 68-31.

During his confirmation hearing, the Republican congressman promised to review Obama-era actions limiting oil and gas drilling in Alaska and said he rejected President Donald Trump’s past comment that climate change is a “hoax.”

Like many of Trump’s nominees, Zinke agreed that the climate is changing but said the impact by humans was subject to debate.
Zinke has also ruled out the sale or transfer of federal lands, a position supported by many Democrats, and said he would prioritize maintenance funds for national parks and federal lands.


Despite this confirmation, it is now March and several of Trump’s nominees still have not received a floor vote. They include:

Rick Perry – Secretary of Energy nominee

Ben Carson – Secretary of Housing and Urban Development nominee

Sonny Perdue – Secretary of Agriculture nominee

Robert Lighthizer – US Trade Representative nominee

Alexander Acosta – Secretary of Labor nominee 



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