Guess Who Donald Trump Suggested Is Behind The Leaks He Complains About?

Donald Trump is a fan of leaks, anonymous sources, and hacked documents as long as it benefits him. He complains almost daily about the leaks putting his administration on the spot. Trump has identified a possible source of those leaks: Barack Obama.


In an interview with Fox and Friends that aired earlier, the President was asked about the leaks and also the protests around the country in the face of Obamacare being repealed. Watch what he says:

Naturally, Trump doesn’t have any evidence to support the theory about leaks. It’s likely people with ties to Barack Obama are helping to organize people to show up at the GOP town halls to cause disruption and chaos, but like President Trump says, that’s politics.

That said, accusing people of leaking information that could jeopardize national security is a pretty serious charge. It’s more serious to say the former President is involved, even indirectly.

Of course, making accusations against others without evidence is something President Trump does on a routine basis, so there’s no reason to think he’ll stop doing it anytime soon.


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